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Cars 2 is the sequel of animated film Cars released in 2006. Cars 2 is one of the most anticipated animation movies in 2011. Cars 2 is the mix of high 3D graphics and comedy scenes made from Disney and Pixar Animation Studio. Owen Wilson is providing voice for the hero Lightening McQueen in Cars 2. All the characters in the movie are vehicles which portraits a real world. Cars 2 is packed with high end mind blowing graphics. The movie tells the story of racing cars.

Cars 2 Review

Cars 2 tell the story of racing cars. Star racecar Lightening McQueen and his friend tow truck Mater plans to head overseas to compete in first-ever World Grand Prix to determine the world’s fastest car. But they have to face an adventure journey to lead the race. The road to championship is filled with plenty of potholes.  Many surprises are awaiting you in the movie. Watch the amazing animation sequences in the big screen.

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