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Unknown 2011 Summary

                Liam Neeson came back with a revived performance in Unknown which is one of the super hit in 2011. The movie is marked with a decent story line headed with tight action sequences mixed as a thriller. Neeson again proved as a talented action star after Taken. Unknown is better than Taken for its strong cast and interesting story. The main action sequence in Unknown is a car chase which was made perfect and holds our sight without interruption for a while.
Story goes as follows………
 Dr. Martin (Neeson) an American Bio-technologist arrives in Berlin with his wife Elizabeth, to attend a biotechnology summit. On reaching the hotel, he finds his briefcase missing. He takes a cab back to te airport to recover it. But before he could inform his wife the cab meets an accident and falls off a bridge into the river. The female driver of the cab rescues him. Harris was taken to hospital and regains his conscious after spending four days in comma. After returning to hotel he realized that his identity has been taken by someone else and even Elizabeth refuses to recognize him. Now his only hope lies with the female cab driver. He finds her and tries to unravel the mystery behind his collusive subterfuge, he must overcome not only those who have rendered him in a pariah, but must also confront his own dark past.

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