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This page provides you Final Destination 5 Online movie reviews, trailer and wallpapers. Final Destination 5 is an upcoming 3D supernatural horror-thriller. Final Destination 5 is set to release on the middle of August 2011. Final Destination 5 is the fifth installment in the series. Scroll down to watch online movie reviews of Final Destination 2011. Story is written by Eric Heisserer and directed by Steven Quale.

Final Destination 5 Cast

Nicholas D'Agosto                   Sam Lawton
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood      Olivia
Tony Todd                               Bludworth
Emma Bell                                Molly
David Koechner                       Dennis
P.J. Byrne                                Isaac
Courtney B. Vance                  Agent Jim Block
Ellen Wroe                              Candice
Miles Fisher                             Peter
Tanya Hubbard                       Gymnastics Coach
Tim Fellingham                        Rocker
Andy Nez                               Campus Security
Ian Thompson                         The Bus Driver

Final Destination 5 Online Movie Trailer



Final Destination 5 Online Movie Reviews

Final Destination comes the horror | action genre. This time the flick is set with 3D scenes too. This makes the Final Destination 5 a 3-D horror movie. The main theme of the Final Destination sequels is repeated here. In the fifth installment of the Final Destination it tells the story of survivors of a suspension bridge collapse. They will learn that there is no way they can cheat death. Shooting is done in Canada; the opening scene is set in Vancouver. Makers of Final Destination said that the new installment will be darker and more suspenseful rather than the comedic approach made in the fourth film. Official trailer reveals that the Jacqueline’s death scene will involve a laser surgery and Byrne’s death scene involves acupuncture.

Final Destination 5 Wallpapers

Final Destination 5 Wallpapers

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