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Mission Impossible 4 Ghost protocol is one of the most awaited movies of the year. Mission Impossible 4 is set to release on Dec 16, 2011. Director of The Incredibles Brad Bird is now directing the fourth installment of Mission Impossible series, While JJ Abrams director of Mission Impossible 3, Bryan Burke and Tom Cruise is producing the movie. Ghost protocol is written by Christopher McQuarrie, Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum. Like all earlier releases, this time also Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol comes with the daring action sequences performed by Tom Cruise. Shooting of Ghost Protocol was done in Dubai, Prague, Moscow, Mumbai and Vancouver. 

 Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Trailer

Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Reviews

When a terrorist bombing destroys Kremlin, the U.S govt activates Ghost Protocol. The IMF is blamed for the bombing in Kremlin, prone to shut down their operation. Ethen and his new team are in the mission to clear their organization’s name. Ethan Hunt and his team are blamed for the attack, but they are allowed to escape as a part of the plan. They will operate outside the agency. Ethen is warned that if any of one in his team is captured or died, they will be charged as terrorists.   

Mission Impossible 4 Cast

Tom Cruise - Ethan Hunt
Ving Rhames - Luther Stickell
Jeremy Renner  - Brandt
Josh Holloway - Trevor Hanaway
Simon Pegg - Benji Dunn
Paula Patton - Jane Carter
Anil Kapoor - Brij Nath
Vladimir Mashkov -  Russian secret agent
Samuli Edelmann as an antagonist
Tom Wilkinson - IMF leader

Tom Cruise at Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Premier

Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Poster

Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Wallpapers


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